A brief history: Last year State Senator Suzanne Bonamici took a leap of faith and proposed Concurrent Resolution 5, establishing the last week in April as Oregon Dance Week. “Even in difficult economic times, it’s important to recognize the benefits of arts and culture” Bonamici stated during the initial vote. The resolution was quickly adopted by the Oregon State Legislature.

The resolution recognizes that, “…dance contributes to the well-being of individuals who watch dance performances…  and opportunities to go dancing lend vibrancy and vitality to the community”.

Dance has always been an integral part of Oregon’s history, as stated by a representative of Oregon Ballet Theatre in her testimony to the Senate: “In 1857, Oregonians celebrated our fledgling statehood with an inaugural ball hosted at the Willamette Woolen Mills right here in Salem. 2000 years before that Native American tribes were meeting on the banks of the Columbia River Gorge to trade, share news, and most importantly, to dance…. It is through the dance that we share emotions and experiences too intense and joyful to be expressed any other way…”

We couldn’t agree more and are excited to celebrate  Oregon Dance Week 2012 with a series of  events, classes and performances  being offered by local dance organizations. Please click on the links below for more details.

Studio Events
Newmark Theatre Showcase